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Poster: Patriot Date: Nov 23, 2004 2:56pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Oh, and as to Liberals being the grown ups in the world, and Conservatives bieng the children on the playground.... Get real. I lived in Oregon when Bill Clinton and the Sierra Club came after the loggers to protect the spotted owl. The owl was not endangered, never was. It was a tool to stop logging, period.

I've never once seen a "fair minded" liberal EVER choose a person over a cause. I've never seen ONE example of an environmental "theory" that was not championed as a "looming disaster" or "a crisis."

The children here are folks like you. Well intentioned people, I'll give you that much, but very immature and resentful when scorned. You don't play well with others.

Your ozone hole? Gee, what ozone hole? Looming Ice Age in the 60's? Ahh, global warming... ICE CAPS ARE MELTING!!! Gee, sea levels are dropping last I checked... Salmon NEED protecting!!! Last years salmon run was the largest in 50 years.

I could go on and on... Failed policy after failed policy. You people are so boring and predictable... I doubt you'll ever learn though. Like children, you have to actually burn your hand before you'll believe the stove is too hot to touch.